Carbon Bike Wheels – Selecting High Quality Wheels

There are different types of carbon bike wheels, including carbon clincher wheel sets and carbon tubular wheels.

Carbon Clincher Wheel Sets

Carbon clincher wheel sets are light and fast, and come at an affordable price. Most of the wheels are hand-spoked in matt black and have resins with high heat resistance. They also have cutting edge brake walls made from basalt kevlar. The lightness of these wheels, which are about 1810g per pair, facilitates fast acceleration whether on climbs or flats, and they give you easy handling as you accelerate. The carbon clinchers have aluminum sidewalls, ensuring the breaks work properly in all conditions.

The depth of the wheel ensures you are able to easily ride against-the-clock, and when you are on flat terrain you can easily ride faster. When you are coming from a climb to a flat, you will notice an additional turn of speed. It is advisable to be cautious when descending, since the corners end up approaching much faster than you expect.

The carbon clincher wheels are made from high strength aluminum bodies and axles. They turn on smooth sealed bearings, making them easy to rebuild and durable. Two of the bearings are located on the front hub, while four are located at the rear. Rims and hubs are attached together by bladed spokes made from stainless steel and are double butted. Twenty spokes at the front provide the maximum balance between smoothness and strength, while twenty four spokes at the rear keep the entire weight of the bike down.

Carbon Tubular Wheels

These carbon bike wheels have very high stability and aero performance. The wheels have rims that are very light. The carbon tubular wheels have a wider rim and are rounder, which gives you smoother airflow when there are side winds, thus giving you more speed. Carbon bike wheels also have carbon pads that make the brakes very efficient.

Benefits Of Carbon Wheel Sets

One of the greatest benefits of carbon bike wheels is their weight and strong aerodynamics. The carbon wheels are light in weight, thus offering you greater speeds. The carbon can also be molded into wind cutting shapes, and this is done with the assistance of fluidics and wind tunnel testing. Carbon bike wheels have a suitable stiffness to weight ratio. Carbon frames are normally very stiff, and the same goes for carbon rims, which help to provide low spoke counts, while at the same time ensuring that you enjoy a smooth ride.

Tips When Buying Carbon Bike Wheels

One of the things to consider is the ease with which you will pedal the bike. Pedaling will take effort on your part, and more weight on the tubes, rims and tires will mean you will require even more effort to pedal. You should therefore look for wheels that are lighter on the outside. The wheels should support your weight properly and keep on rolling in spite of what you ride through or over. The wheels should also be flexible such that the functionality of the wheels can easily be upgraded to suit your riding needs.